Latest Success Stories - USA Launches AlertQ

QCS International, LLC

Contact: Jason Carey

August 12, 2015

Melbourne, FL – QCS International, LLC, a Melbourne, Florida, company announced the launch of AlertQ identification tags using state-of-the-art QR coding to assist in the recovery of lost pets using smart phone technology.

Company spokesman and senior partner, Jason Carey, says that lost pets is a major problem not only in the United States but internationally as well. According the ASPCA, one in every three pets get lost from their homes annually.

The AlertQ tag, also available in a smaller charm, allows the QR code to be scanned by smartphone or tablet and the owner can be contacted immediately. No invasive procedure is necessary or expensive radio frequency readers are required to scan the QR code.

According to Mr. Carey, “Owners will receive a text message the moment their pet’s tag is scanned as well as coordinates where it is scanned on a Google map”. The tag or charm can be updated as many times as the owners wish to do so in the first year. Each tag contains a unique identifier and data is password protected. Information is stored in a highly encrypted cloud databank.

All information on the registration page is voluntary, including emergency contact information, medications, pet behaviors and preferences. In addition to reuniting pets with owners, the company claims that the AlertQ tag is ideal for pet walkers and sitters to ensure proper care.

QCS International is a subsidiary company of QC Solutions, a South African-based technology company specializing in network solutions, VOIP applications and broadcasting capabilities. For more information on the AlertQ products, visit or contact

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