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Hardware and Software Sales

QCS offers our valued clients a wide range of hardware and software products to suit all Information Technology (IT) requirements, end-to-end. Client service is most import to QCS, therefore we ensure that our staff are skilled and knowledgeable, and able to rise to any IT challenge. Whatever your requirement may be — desktop hardware, server hardware, network communications, server-room outfitting cabling, or software from the major manufacturers — QCS will assist you. As a value-added service to clients, and in partnership with IT technicians, we offer in-house warranty repairs to major brands of hardware.

We are proud partners of:

MSPartner HPPartner

Services offered:

IT Hardware and Software Sales

QCS offers a wide variety of hardware from well-known manufacturers such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco and many others. Our business relationships with our trusted suppliers enable us to guide our clients in making the perfect choice of hardware and software for their IT requirements. We offer a ‘bill of materials’ service, as well as a unique ‘total solution’ service to clients. After an analysis of the infrastructure needed, we will procure, install and manage your system — the one-stop-shop answer to every IT challenge. The hardware products we offer are, among others:

Desktop hardware and accessories

Suppliers include:  Apple, HP,  Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and Dell

Server hardware

Suppliers include: HP (servers and blade enclosure technology), IBM, Fujitsu, Acer Huawei and Dell

Magnetic mass-storage devices

Tape drives from: HP, Dell and IBM

Content delivery services

Television installations, Projector installations and Multi-display units
CCTV (closed-circuit television) hardware
Internet protocol (IP) cameras
Analogue cameras
Digital and analogue digital video recorder (DVR) systems
Site management software


Fibre optic installations
Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) installations (Cat 5 and 6)
Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) installations
Networking cabinet setups and configurations
In-house splicing of fibre and UTP cable sets

Mass-storage hardware and software from suppliers such as

HP SAN (Storage Area Network),
NAS (Network Attached Storage) and
DAS (Direct Attached Storage)
Dell, IBM and Huawei

Printing solutions

Samsung printers, HP office and home printing

Network hardware, including switches, routers and Wi-Fi equipment

HP switching, routing (previously 3com) and Wi-Fi networking Cisco systems, routing switching VOIP (voice over internet protocol) and Wi-Fi technologies


Adobe Ceative Design Suites, Acrobat Pro and Coral Draw

Microsoft Licensing, including the

Volume License category
Full Package Product (FPP) category
Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) category

Hardware procurement options

Technology advances at an ever-increasing pace and expensive hardware can therefore become obsolete very quickly. Consequently, many clients find that simply purchasing hardware may not be in their best interests anymore. QCS has therefore added a number of innovative financial options to support clients to find a solution. These options are:

The traditional method. The product is procured as a capital expense and, credit status permitting, QCS supplies the product at a 30-day on-invoice payment arrangement.

Full operating leases. QCS, in cooperation with financial institutions, offers full operating leases to clients. Please note these are not hire purchase agreements. This original financial arrangement entails:
•    QCS applies for a credit facility from major financial institutions
•    Upon approval, QCS purchases the products on behalf of the client
•    The client repays QCS on a monthly basis while using the products.

Secondary services and advantages

•    Asset risk-cover. QCS offers a comprehensive asset risk-cover service on hardware purchased from the company.
•    Flexible operating leasing terms.  The QCS operating lease option allows adjustments to components for some products, without having to initiate a new rental commitment. For example, clients could be allowed to add memory to a unit after one year of a two-year rental period has passed, without having to enter into a new leasing agreement — the monthly rental instalment for the unit is simply adjusted. Obviously, this is a popular element of the QCS’ financial solution offer.
•    Online asset-tracking register. In terms of the regulations of the Companies Act (Act No. 71 of 2008), companies are obliged to track their assets — a complicated and often time consuming process for most clients. As an innovative solution, QCS offers a bar coded asset tracking system that conveniently tracks assets on behalf of our clients.
•    Loan units and runner service. We not only offer our clients the use of a replacement unit on loan while an under warranty unit is being repaired, but we also deliver the replacement unit and manage the warranty repairs process. All the costs are included in the monthly rental arrangement. This service complements our approach of supplying a complete solution to clients — from sales    to implementation to support.

Various settlement solutions for rental units

•    The rental amount for the hardware can be settled in full (one payment).
•    Clients who need to cut costs and make use of existing hardware for longer (‘sweating the assets’) are offered a secondary rental arrangement at a reduced price.
•    At the end of the rental period,  old hardware can be returned to us to be disposed of responsibly and suitable replacement hardware may then be purchased.

VOIP Trunking and Connectivity

QCS provides world-class VOIP and connectivity solutions and we continually strive towards innovating our service to present the best value and cost effectiveness to our clients. Services offered:

End-to-end IP-based telephony services
QCS provides a comprehensive VOIP service, consisting of either all or part of these components:

·    Physical link provisioning for VOIP services
·    VOIP breakout service provisioning (trunking)
·    Hosted PBX services
·    On-site hosted PBX services
·    On-site PBX maintenance

Physical link provision

Connectivity to our VOIP services can be established in a variety of ways. We offer world-standard agile connectivity solutions to suit all needs, large and small. Our service runs ONLY across VPN-secured connections or private network connections. We provide VPN connectivity over mobile data networks (3G/4G), any mainline-connected ADSL service or public internet connection, with VOIP-enabled access ports. We offer this service end-to-end or we can configure the service using the client’s current equipment (routers). All our mainline private network solutions via high-speed point-to-point wireless, fibre and MPLS service connections are already VOIP enabled and allow our clients instant access. Different network access services are illustrated on the right.

Networking and connectivity

In this fast paced world, connectivity and networking is at the centre of making your business meet your customer’s needs.  Weather its short term connectivity for a conference or a complex network connectivity solution, We offer best of breed internet and datacentre connectivity based on Point to Point wireless and fibre network solutions. We also offer all other solutions connecting people on the move or small offices and businesses via DIginet ADSL and mobile connectivity like 3G and LTE. Please talk to us if you require an hybrid solution, that require 1 or many of the services listed, as we have expert skills to put together the solutions you would need in your business.


VOIP Breakout service provisioning (trunking)

The VOIP breakout solution is the primary product in our comprehensive range of services. This solution allows the client to obtain a VOIP number block (087) and inbound and outbound VOIP call breakout to traditional networks such as landlines and mobile networks, and international telephone networks. This solution can be connected to any traditional PBX via a gateway end-point device, or to any modern VOIP-ready private branch exchange (PBX). The advantages include the ability to move anywhere without being constrained to a geographical number, as well as much improved call rates. We provide FREE subscriber-to-subscriber service calls to clients of our primary service. In addition, we provide outgoing call redundancy via multiple providers.


Hosted PBX services

We provide a hosted PBX service to clients who prefer not to spend any capital on physical equipment, other than a desk phone, and do not want to be encumbered with the responsibility for the maintenance associated with the back-end service. Our service is particularly suited to small to medium enterprises, but can easily be scaled for large organisations. We offer you the convenient services provided by a traditional PBX-like voicemail, hunt groups, switchboard functionality, call recording and more. This service allows our clients freedom from hardware and associated maintenance. We also allow agile scaling of the number of users for this system and clients.


On-site hosted PBX services

The on-site hosted PBX service provides the same service as hosted PBX, but allows unparalleled scaling of the service on the client’s local network infrastructure. This service is particularly suited to larger companies with many users in a single location, or for any size of business where non-shared services are mandated by law, or for call-centres with large amounts of call-recording data. QCS offers this fully maintained service on-site, excluding handsets.


On-site PBX maintenance

The on-site PBX maintenance offers clients a SLA-type contract that can be scaled to include maintenance of the non–proprietary VOIP PBX (based on Asterisk) and visits to the site to create new extensions and service options, as needed. This service also allows the client to choose from ‘break fix’ options, VOIP gateway and trunk maintenance and support to proprietary PBX systems, and more. Our thorough understanding of the comprehensive VOIP service enables QCS to tailor-make a unique service level contract to suit every client’s specifications.

Asterisk PBX platform — at a glance
What is Asterisk?

Asterisk is a complete PBX in software and runs on Linux, BSD and MacOSX. This platform provides all the features of a PBX, and more. Asterisk enables voice-over IP in many protocols and can interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware.

Asterisk-based telephony solutions offer a diverse and flexible feature set. Asterisk offers both classic PBX functionality and advanced features. Asterisk offers the advanced features that are often associated with large, high-end (and high cost) proprietary PBXs.


·    QCS can assist in establishing the infrastructure, although certain conditions with regard to current infrastructure must be considered.
·    Ethernet infrastructure
·    If Ethernet infrastructure exists, the Asterisk PBX will have internet access.
·    An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and generator will not be included, but QCS strongly recommends these facilities to ensure total uptime.

Asterisk platform agility

Asterisk as a platform can be installed on physical hardware or as a virtualised solution. QCS provides physical and hyper-visor virtual-based solutions, with full synthetic integration into the hyper-visor. This option allows the PBX platform to be hardware ‘independent’ and makes recovery from a system crash or moving to a new hardware platform quick and easy.

Asterisk functionality
Asterisk offers a host of the features expected from low-end to high-end PBXs; some features even surpass the most advanced and expensive PBXs.

Some Asterisk features

Queues can be created for different incoming numbers and/or business units with queue announcements, position announcements, music, radio or company advertisements. The answers provided to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) questions will either advance or delay a caller in a queue. Queues consist of Incoming calls placed in the queue Members who answer the calls in the queue (extensions or users that login as agents) A strategy on how to manage the queue and divide calls between members
Music played while waiting in the queue Announcements for members and callers

Music on hold

Any auditory message can be played to a caller in a queue, including music, radio and company advertisements. With regard to copyrighted audio and public broadcasting rights, these have be taken into consideration always.

Least-cost routing

Least-cost routing can be set up between the branches of a business to enable calls through the internet, which can greatly reduce or even eliminate the cost of inter-branch calls. A reasonable internet connection between branches is needed to implement this functionality. Standard least-cost routing to cellular phones can reduce call costs and is easily set up in Asterisk.

Call ‘breakout’

Call ‘breakout’ can be set up between branches that would route long-distance calls via the internet to the closest possible branch of the terminating call, greatly reducing call costs.

Call cost

A function is available to record information such as the cost of individual calls to mobile and landlines for selected periods. However, it must be understood that Asterisk, similar to all other traditional PBXs, is not a call-reporting system but a telephony system. A third-party application, such as Man 3000, can be purchased to enable advance reporting on Asterisk call-data records.

Voice recordings

Voice recording can be set up to individual extensions to record the incoming voice, the outgoing voice or both, which is a preference in the modern business environment.

Voice mail

Voice mail can be set up on individual extensions to record messages from callers when the extension is engaged or unavailable and the messages can be retrieved from the individual extension or other extensions.

Day/night mode

Numerous day/night modes can be created with different dialing plans.


Direct Inward System Access (DISA) allows an external caller (outside the PBX), with a proper pass code, to obtain an ‘internal’ system dial tone to make a call as if from one of the extensions of the PBX.

‘Hunting’ groups

Hunting and escalation groups can be created for incoming calls, which means that Asterisk hunts between different extensions to find an extension to answer the call. Different incoming call distribution rules can be set up (least call for the day, etc.) The hunting group distributes the incoming calls to all the registered agents.

Interactive voice response

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a computerised system that allows a caller to select an option from a voice menu. IVR with number and/or voice recognition for incoming and outgoing calls can be set up, enabling functions such as an automated voice asking questions and logging the responses, or transferring the calls to predefined extensions. IVR allows interaction with a menu, using a touch-tone telephone. Asterisk easily enables this functionality. IVR technology does not require human interaction as the
caller’s interaction with the database is predetermined by the access allowed by the IVR system.

Facsimile and Short Message Service integration

Short Message Service (SMS) and facsimile integration allows low-cost communication to clients, which can be accessed by third-party applications. The only requirement for SMS integration is a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card with a data package from a cellular service provider. Facsimile sending and receiving is a standard feature of Asterisk via Hylafax.

Microsoft Lync integration

The Asterisk platform integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Lync services.

Conference calls

Conference-call functionality can be set up to allow for a number of participants in a telephone call, with various options available.

Additional call-centre enhancements

Most of the features listed below are included in the solution and can be implemented at very little cost to clients.

Predictive dialer
The predictive dialer reads numbers from a database, makes the call and transfers the line to an available operator. Available operators are determined by:
· not being active
· not being on a call
· not being on a call for the ‘call clean-up time.
A secondary application can be developed to populate the predictive dialer table to certain specifications.

Call-centre statistics

This application shows the active call statistics on an overhead projector or LCD screen. Information displayed includes:
· current calls in the queue
· operators, with picture when available, and their status
· active call per operator, if any, and the call duration
· previous number of calls and their duration

Incoming caller identification and display

This client-server application monitors incoming calls, looks up the caller name via the caller number and displays the caller name on the client screen.

Client-relationship management application integration

Asterisk can interact with an existing client-relationship management system (CRM), which shortens call time and adds a customised service.

On-screen dialing

On-screen dialing is a client-server application that allows a client application to initiate a call from a certain extension to an internal or external number. Current integrated applications are MS Outlook, Internet Explorer and third–party applications, which can be customised.

Voice-recording call tag

The voice-recording call tag application determines the active-call recording number and allows an external application to query the service for the recording path. All conversations (inbound or outbound) can subsequently be saved to an account/policy, etc.

Call-centre reports

Call-centre reports can be structured to deliver diverse statistics. Such reports can be:
· ‘all calls made’ report for a selected time period and extension, with call number, name, duration and cost
· ‘all calls received’ report for a selected time period and extension, with call number, name, duration and cost
· ‘call-centre statistics’ report, showing average waiting time, average call duration, number of incoming calls,
number of outgoing calls and percentage of local, long-distance and international calls and their related costs.

Voice recording playback

This application allows viewing, listening to and emailing of voice recordings; information includes date, time stamp and duration of the voice recordings.

Agent activate/deactivate

This client-server application allows agents to change their status from active to inactive on the Asterisk server. This status indicates to Asterisk if calls may be passed on to the agent. Handicaps can be created when agents are in training.

Data-centre hosting

QCS supports a multitude of hosting environments to suit our clients’ needs, such as virtualised hosting platforms for South Africa, America, Europe and the Far East. We have physical hosting space for equipment in our own world– class data-centre, or multiple other locations

Infrastructure Support Services

At QCS, we strive to be as agile and flexible in our support solutions as we are in designing and implementing solutions for our clients. Our support solutions philosophy can be best demonstrated as follows, keeping in mind that we strive to give our clients’ a one-stop total solutions experience. We can tailor-make a support solution for you with the flexible components in our support contracts.


Clients can opt for one or all of the options, and use these to suit their expanding or changing needs. Switching within plans is not penalised by QCS, except where on-site support agreements are concerned. QCS offers clients the opportunity to change the components of their support agreements every 30 days. Our standard agreements offer QCS clients a choice between 24/7 support or office hours only support. Please contact QCS for custom-designed contracts to fit your environment. Our support agreements enable clients to receive reports on calls logged (certain contracts) and monthly meetings to discuss the performance of the system. QCS is the company that offers end-to-end solutions for infrastructure and software, as well as support for the solutions.

Support Contract Components

o    Level 1 Maintenance support

Level 1 maintenance support is designed as a support module, either remotely or at the client’s physical location, for user infrastructure. This support typically entails checking physical infrastructure such as user hardware for defects, antivirus and patch updates, printing devices’ toner levels, and related tasks. An additional advantage of maintenance support is that our engineers could find problems and proactively implement remedies, using the response support hours (discussed later), to keep the infrastructure running.

o    Level 1 Response support

Level 1 response support is designed as a support module, either remotely or at the client’s physical location, for user infrastructure. This support typically entails ad hoc maintenance, ‘break fix’, troubleshooting and related tasks. Our support staff will be available to clients by telephone and via email.

The tiered support matrix of QCS also allows our engineers to quickly increase the levels of support for certain issues, as needed, with results in support resolution times being kept to a minimum. In addition, QCS has direct support links to major software and hardware suppliers and their partners such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, Cisco and many more.

o    Level 2 Maintenance support

Level 2 maintenance support is designed to support server, network communication and other back-end infrastructure, either remotely or at the client’s physical location. This support entails monitoring infrastructure on an ad hoc or permanent basis to perform maintenance tasks proactively in order to keep infrastructure running at optimum levels. An additional advantage of maintenance support is that our engineers could find problems and proactively implement remedies, using response support hours, to keep the infrastructure running.

o    Level 1 and 2 on-site support

Our on-site support service module is designed for clients who require permanent on-site support, an advantageous option for clients with high availability solutions needs and larger businesses. This service entails an assessment of the client’s platform and environment and a decision on the level of skills required. QCS will contract a suitably skilled professional to manage all infrastructure services.

o    Custom application support

QCS offers unique custom-designed application and database support to complement our infrastructure services support modules. We offer on-site, response-time application and database support on the Microsoft.NET suite for most development languages, as well as all SQL-based database support. Custom database and application support for non-standard products can be arranged.


Our mission is to use technology to care for Humans and Pets to ensure proper treatment when in need.

Our vision is a world where Humans and Pets are cared for in the most accurate and expeditious way in a time of an emergency through every-day-use technology.

AlertQ Tags vs Implant chips

  • Multiple applications for humans and pets
  • Legal and accepted everywhere
  • Can be reused on multiple humans and pets
  • Totally non-invasive and visible
  • 3 out of 4 implants are missed during scans
  • QR Readers are readily available Apps at no charge
  • Can be scanned by any smartphone and not just vets with the appropriate scanner
  • Avoid multiple expensive RF readers
  • Data encrypted and cannot be changed without a password
  • Stores a lot more – potentially lifesaving –  information
  • Pet QR Code is fire resistant and waterproof
  • No batteries or movable parts
  • No monthly fees
  • No registration fees
  • Less expensive than most ID formats
  • Customizable tags

Infrastructure Consulting Services

QCS offers an infrastructure-consulting service to solve the fast-evolving IT requirements of our clients. Our skilled Microsoft, HP, Cisco and other certified engineers will assist in setting up the infrastructure for a new office and in installing new hardware.

Solution Design Service

Our team of world-class specialists and partners will assist with any design assignment, large or small.Our skilled engineers will design solutions, visit sites for new solutions and will lead a design team on a project.

Our engineers will liaise with suppliers and/or clients’ staff, assist in formulating the right proposals and bills of materials for the particular work, and will obtain the best quotes/prices available for the job.

Our valued clients can access our consulting services by either buying ad hoc engineering time, or by using service- level agreement (SLA) purchased time.

Implementation Service

In addition to our solution design service, QCS offers a matching solution implementation service.

Our skilled staff will assist in every level of solution the implementation that clients may require.

QCS custom-makes IT solutions. QCS will also implement any solution designed by our company.

We offer the best — from project management to the installing of products and systems.

Consulting Engineer Service

QCS offers support services on every level; whether you need advice on current infrastructure, or are planning a new implementation, our professional engineers will render technical support (‘break-fix’ IT support), permanent on-site support, and the design and implementation of all or some of our total solutions. These solutions include categoriessuch as the following:

·    Desktop infrastructure

·    Server and network infrastructure

·    Data-centre hosting and planning

·    VOIP solutions

·    Recovery and backup (archiving)

·    Specialist virtualisation solutions (Microsoft Hyper-V is our star product)

·    Systems management solutions (Microsoft Management suites)

·    Printing solutions

·    Connectivity solutions

·    Branch-office network planning

·    User software requirement

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Rent

QCS appreciates that small- to medium-sized businesses do not always have access to or need of a permanent IT executive; therefore, we offer the services on contract (temporary or permanent) of our experienced IT systems architects. We know that IT expertise is needed to develop a business,for Board and IT strategy meetings and managing all the other IT solutions decisions that must be made —a QCS CTO will attend to all these matters, all the while being at your executives’ disposal.The advantages of this service are clear, namely direct access to a skilled professional, who not only has management and executive experience, but can also rapidly assemble a design and assist in quickly making the correct decision and instructing the team to complete the job.

Software Development and Database Management Services

Why choose QCS?

What makes QCS different from similar service providers? The answer is our ability to provide application-specific solutions to our clients at the most competitive prices, in quick turn-around times and without ever compromising on quality. Our team comprises specialists in GIS, development and engineering and seasoned business professionals who have the knowledge, expertise and business acumen to act as partners with clients at a strategic level. QCS has carefully selected our business partners to offer our clients the latest, most reliable technology solutions. Our service extends beyond simply delivering a solution; our team is dedicated, energetic, passionate and totally committed to delivering unsurpassed after-sales support.

We have over twenty six years’ experience of listening to customer requirements, and translating these into reliable, high quality, integrated software applications – quickly and within budget. As the respected leader in South Africa in this industry, our track record and trusted reputation demonstrates that you can rely on us to deliver.

Custom software development

There are times when off-the-shelf software won’t meet all your business requirements. We can build custom software systems that fit your requirements 100%.
There’s nothing like a perfect fit…
Custom software is developed to fit your specific requirements. It can accommodate your particular preferences and expectations, and be built around your business processes and the way you operate. With off-the–shelf packages there are usually gaps (integration and/or functionality) that can only be suitably addressed by custom development. Custom development also allows you to gain competitive advantage by leveraging your unique systems, services and processes.

Pros and Custom Software Development
·    No license fees
·    Moulds around your needs
·    Extended as your business grows
·    Competitive advantage
·    Branding and marketing
·    Benefits can grow in the long term

Negatives of Custom Software Development
·    Initial Cost is higher
·    Invested interest

Product development

We know and understand software product development. We have built and launched dozens of software products both for ourselves and for our commercial clients. We have developed products for major companies in the GSM and GPS technologies, with application products literary running at thousands of client.

Technical expertise

Below is a list of recent development languages and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) recently used, to name but a few:

C# – WCF, WPF, Linq, MVC, MVVM, Dependency
Injection (Prism etc.)
Patterns and Frameworks: Caliburn Micro, Fluent
Validation, CQRS, Entity Framework, nHibernate,
Spring.net, AutoMapper, Apache.NMS,
Development Process: BDD(Behavior Driven
Development), TDD(Test Driven Development),
DDD(Domain Driven Development)
Repository: Mercurial, Tortoise HG
Proprietary Issue Tracking: JIRA
Java (CQRS, Spring, Axon Framework, nHibernate,
SQL Server 2008, 2012, SSRS
Mobile Development (iOS, Win Mobile, Iphone,


QCS uses a software development methodology that is loosely based on the Agile software development process and Scrum, which our team has refined over more than 10 years of development-project experience. The Agile software development process determines the overall process and includes requirements and testing — the two components that are not included in the Scrum development process. This process is the overall project process for the development of software (illustrated by the diagram below).


Infrastructure Solutions Services

QCS offers our clients a wide variety of superior infrastructure solutions. We are renowned for providing custom-made solutions in challenging environments. QCS prides itself in providing more with less. Our skills and business partner relationships enable us to design and assemble most complex solutions. We utilise our expertise to design, procure, implement, manage and support the perfect solution to meet our clients’ expectations.

Services offered:


The foundation of any efficient IT solution is communication technology (connectivity).

QCS offers a wide choice of connectivity solutions and has proven that we can deliver communications networks that suit our clients, not simply in terms of value for money, but also the right technology for the right application.

Features of our connectivity solutions are:

o    Point-to-point wireless solutions
Our privately owned high-speed network is licensed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) and offers high-speed delivery of content to and from the internet and our data-centre services. We offer
packages of 5Mbit/s and higher on uncapped and per m/b data bundles to suit clients’ needs.

The solution is managed totally by QCS, complete with a portal for usage trends and many more features. We offer a complementary perimeter-firewall service with our links. These solutions are offered in specific metropolitan areas in South Africa; therefore, please contact us for a site assessment today.

In addition, QCS offers a unique pricing option, where data between sites and our data-centre services are free and uncontended. This service offers real value and the opportunity for clients  to become more agile in using cloud services.

o    Fibre network solutions
QCS offer a fibre-connected solution on the same basis as out private high-speed wireless solution.

The fibre network solution is especially suitable when ‘zero downtime’ connectivity/or ultra-high speed connectivity is needed. We offer this network service on a monthly basis to clients. This is the gateway to secure and high-speed use of the online world — when the client needs it.

o    Traditional Diginet, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), and mobile (cellular data) service

QCS offers the complete range of Telkom Diginet fixed-line service connections to our network, which enables us to build a hybrid network of connectivity solutions to meet clients’ uptime requirements and budgets. Clients may choose between a managed point-to-point Diginet, or Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) (private network) Diginet service to complement the cloud service use from our platforms, or simply high-speed Should the client choose a redundant managed ADSL solution, we can offer access to the account for ADSL  services (excluding Telkom line rentals), and a redundant device connected to your network that is managed by QCS.

Proactive alerts let us know exactly when the line goes down, and the service automatically connects to cellular data (known as 3G or 4G) to keep your service running smoothly. The configurations are truly endless — contact us at your convenience to design and build your network to suit your requirements.
o    Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Satellite-based services.

This technology has advanced over the last few years into a cost-effective and practical solution, which QCS offers as a solution for sites outside the above-mentioned coverage areas. QCS offers flexible internet-service bundles and contracts on this service.

o    Internet service provision
Internet Service Provision (ISP) is a natural complementary service to our own network infrastructure. We have multiple “breakouts” with multiple ISPs. We provide Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) redundant IP addressing for clients via Internet Solutions, MTN Business and Terraco. We offer contended and uncontended bandwidth solutions to our clients.

o    Virtual Private Network (VPN) services
QCS offers security and diverse connectivity-virtual private network services across a host of communication technologies. To complement the internet-based services provided to clients, QCS provides hard gateways, soft gateways and fully managed VPN solutions for site-to-site connectivity, or connectivity to our hosted solutions. Even if you are not a current connectivity client, QCS invites you to contact the company to discuss access to our hosted products. We can provide secure and cost-effective connectivity today.

o    Internet and platform security services

Content management and firewall services

QCS can supply content management and firewall solutions to meet clients’ needs.

QCS offers services based on the Fortinet suite of products, which entails a single-site firewall and proxy (caching services) to multiple sites, where similar or different policies need to be applied. We can introduce limiting internet access, scanning for viruses, and reporting on usage for different or all locations from our management system, and we can deliver the data to you promptly.

Mail Security and archiving solutions

QCS also offers a managed content and virus-scanning solution. This solution offers a choice of two types of products:
o    Virus and spam filtering
Our virus and spam filtering products allow clients, on a ‘per user per month’ basis, virus scanning and spam filtering services for mail platforms. This solution can easily be set up for management by the user, with an easy release function for mail that is not spam. Clients can also choose to purchase a management SLA for the whole solution. The solution offers a reply and mail buffering function, to prevent loss of any email while the mail platform is being serviced or a disruption of communication occurs. QCS also offers an easy-to-use web interface — real-time statistics on messages transmission of your email domains.

Our service enables you to intercept and eliminate viruses and unwanted email before they reach your network, which saves money in terms of internet bandwidth management. Most important, however, disasters caused by viruses and space
wasted by spam are prevented, which cuts the expenditure on mail platform management.

o    Virus spam and content filtering
This product is our premium mail platform management solution. It allows clients to access to virus scanning and spam filtering services, and, additionally, content filtering for their mail platforms. Clients can manage the type of
messages that reach a network by applying the easy-to-use web management application. In addition, unwanted information entering the network, and sensitive information leaving it is blocked. The size of messages and use of attachments to messages, and even more, can also be managed. This solution can easily be set up for management by the user, with an easy release function for mail that is not spam. Clients can also choose to purchase a management SLA for the
whole solution. Additionally, this solution offers a replay and mail buffering function, to prevent loss of any email while the mail platform is being serviced or a disruption of communication occurs.

Traditional Hosting

QCS started out as a development business, and we still offer the traditional website and database hosting services.

We have refined the service over the years and our model is now flexible enough to suit every client’s unique needs. If you require, we can host your website in South Africa, America, Europe and the Far East. We can give you File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access to upload and manage the website yourself, and provide Apache and Internet Information Services based (IIS)  servers, will full disaster recovery functionality.

In addition to simply hosting websites and domain-name registration, QCS can do the full back-end database development and administration, website development and administration, or simply custom hosting and management, if required.

Office 365

We are proud to be offering a cutting-edge hosted product for Microsoft. The Office 365 suite is ideal for connected businesses, offering everything from email and collaboration, SharePoint portal hosting, voice and instant messaging to web hosting. Contact QCS regarding packaged solutions, if your business does not have data storage regulatory requirements and you have internet access. Clients are invited to visit our Office 365 portal for further information.

VOIP services

In accordance with the VOIP-hosted services.

Data-centre hosting

QCS offers a comprehensive managed data-centre solution to clients who need offsite hosting of their total environment, or just a portion thereof. QCS offers data-centres structured and priced in various ways to suit clients’ needs. Our main hosting location is in Sunninghill, Johannesburg, supplemented by hosting locations in Isando, Bryanston and Gallo Manor in the Gauteng region, as well as hosting locations farther afield in Cape Town and Durban.

QCS will construct a unique connectivity hosting and management solution to suit any requirement, whether you need only one component or a fully managed solution.

Virtual platform hosting

In addition to hosting space services, QCS is able to manage and host virtual platforms. We will install and host hardware on your behalf, giving you the opportunity to retain full control of your hardware while offering you access to the services of our skilled engineers to set up and manage your virtual environment.

Our arrangement offers clients access to complementary hosting services, such as SPLA for the Microsoft platform, as well as combining the infrastructure solution with an archiving solution from QCS —the ideal solution if you wish to incur capital expenditures (CAPEX)? and maintain a managed solution.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

As already described in our virtual hosting platform service, QCS now offers access to IaaS. This allows clients access to and payment for CPU memory and disk on a utility basis. QCS provides a state-of-the-art platform in our Johannesburg data-centre and in the MTN Gallo Manor data-centre to meet clients’ growing needs. This platform integrates seamlessly with our archiving (backup) solution, managed infrastructure solution and software as a service solution. This solution offers clients on an expense basis an entire IT infrastructure that grows as their needs do. The expense is tax deductible and clients do not have the worry of ageing assets.. Contact us today for an assessment and a free trial.

Software as a service (SaaS)

Our software as a service platform has been set up and designed to complement our platform, IaaS and rented hardware services. This service enables our clients to scale and use specific products to suit their needs. Currently, we offer the Microsoft suite of products. We can also arrange solutions offering Pastel Evolution, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange and SAP B1.

We also offer our development solutions on a SaaS basis. Please consult one of our software design consultants to find out how we can turn the software asset we have developed for you into a utility model.

Data archiving (backup solution)

QCS, together with our partners, provides excellent archiving solutions to clients, with no capital outlay required on their part. QCS currently stores data in three locations as a service to our clients.

Our archiving solution is accessible from multiple platforms and backup could be done of anything from a smartphone to a tablet and including servers running Windows and Linux, as well as virtualised server solutions. QCS offers the ultimate total solution that can be scaled at an unparalleled level and with no up-front expenditure for the client.

Our solution is accessible from anywhere on the internet and from our private network. Clients can save money by bundling a private network connection with our archiving solution.

Please contact our sales department to arrange a free demonstration.

Advertising and marketing delivery solutions

We have technology available to provide for all the media delivery needs of clients. This solution entails either stand-alone infrastructure, or centralised infrastructure to supply pre-compiled media to the distribution points for viewing.

This distribution can be delivered via the internet and low speed bandwidth settings quite easily. The technology allows clients to add multiple displays to a single distribution point, and can time delivery of content to match available bandwidth.

This solution could be linked with sequenced web pages, presentations, call-centre displays and even television for TV-enabled sites. The solution could be purchased and managed by the client, or QCS could supply and fully manage the technology from our call-centre. Our team could design content and manage the content and technical solution, including internet service provision, installation, and maintenance and content management. This solution is ideal for distributing call-centre information, advertising in different establishments and even for schools for learning.

CCTV solutions

Since the arrival of CCTV technology as networkable (IT infrastructure) equipment, QCS has started offering this technology as in complement to our technology solutions offer for IT infrastructure.

QCS will design, supply and install a wide range of CCTV equipment, suited to a client’s unique requirements. Our solutions provide for integration with current DVR installations and analogue camera installations, and we can assess and convert most CCTV installations into IP capable solutions. This service offers clients value for money on current installations, while they keep abreast with the latest technology available on the market. Contact us at your convenience for a new installation of IP solutions, wherever network designs, camera installations and cabling installations are required. QCS is your one stop shop for CCTV solutions. QCS supplies only industry-standard technology that is mostly manufactured in America. We also offer SLA contracts to manage your solution — secure and cost effective connectivity installed today.

Asset Management Services

Everything in One Place

Managing assets with a Google doc or a shared Excel spreadsheet is more common than you think. When your company is small, it can (sort of) work for a while, but as you grow, things get messy, fast. Snipe-IT lets your admins work together to track physical assets, software licenses, accessories and consumables — all in one place.

Finance-Department Friendly

Depreciation and asset reports are easy with one-click export to CSV and custom reporting capabilities. You can even give them permission to view and download reports within Snipe-IT without being able to edit assets. (And you can’t beat the price tag – totally free to host it yourself, or choose the low-cost monthly/annual hosted solution!)

Easy to Use

Snipe-IT makes asset management easy. It was built by people solving real-world IT and asset management problems, and a solid UX has always been a top priority. Straightforward design and bulk actions mean getting things done faster. What’s the good of having software if it’s so hard to use, no one bothers?

Asset Management

Easily see which assets are assigned, to whom, and their physical location. Check them back into inventory with one click, or click through to see the asset’s complete history. Seeing what assets are currently deployed, pending (brand new awaiting software installs, out for repair), ready to deploy, or archived (lost/stolen, or broken) is quick and easy.

o    Easily see which assets are assigned, to whom, and their physical location
o    One-click checkino
o    Asset Models let you group common features
o    Require User Acceptance (End-User EULAs/Terms of Service) on Checkouto
o    Email alerts for expiring warrantees
o    Assets retain full history including checkouts, checkins and maintenanceo
o    Easily import and export assets
o    Generate QR code labels for easy mobile access and labelso
o    Assets marked as requestable can be requested by a user

Custom Status Labels

There are lots of reasons why an asset may be undeployable or archived. They may be out for repair, out for diagnostics, lost or stolen, or flat-out busted. You have complete control over the labels you create for assets.

End-User EULAs/Terms of Service on Checkout

Reminding your users that they are responsible for the assets you give them can reduce repairs and “lost” assets by 20% or more. Snipe-IT lets you require a user to confirm acceptance of your EULA and receipt of the asset. You can use a default EULA for your entire organization, or different EULAs based on asset category. EULAs support Github-flavored markdown.

User Management

Grant users access to reports, or even let them request assets that are available. Perfect for loaning out test devices. Each user profile shows their compelete history including assets, accessories, consumables and licenses.

o    Import users from CSV
o    Import/Login through LDAP
o    Bulk user actions to make management easy
o    Assignable user roles offer different levels of access
o    Easily generate strong passwords through the UI

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